My Story

my story a video on dealing with eczema being bullied and how to overcome

Hey Everyone! I wanted to share my story of struggling with eczema. This video isn’t only about eczema but about any struggle that you may be going through. I really hope that you watch this and feel better knowing you’re not alone that so many of us have been in pain and its all about how we deal with it and I overcame it and I LOVE being me and who I was created to be!! People who are mean are miserable and they probably need some love in their life but they need to know that words hurt and you can’t take them back. I love you guys and I really do want you to get the courage to share your story also! Comment below or send me a message and I will reply! The song that’s playing is a cover I did of Bea Miller called “Fire and Gold” the song really hits my heart because I live my life believing in the power of Love and you and me!! The video will be coming soon…so look out for that! I got alot of love for all of you and hope this video makes you HAPPY!!!😘😘💙💙

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